About Us

Welcome to Xo Gigi Fabrics. We are located in the heart of Brandon, Florida here in the USA. Serving Worldwide.

GigiSpecializing in the latest highest quality fabrics in the industry. Each fabric collection is hand picked by
Gigi herself. She takes hours to help find collections that she knows her customers will love. Taking the time to coordinate prints so that you may find it easy to shop online. We are here to help you with your fabric needs and if you need help in coordinating please don’t hesitate to ask.

We aim to take awesome pictures of each of our fabrics so that you may “feel” the fabrics through your screen. We want you to know what you are getting. We are currently trying to add more images to the site. Stay tuned for lots of pictures to come to life as you shop.

"Who is Gigi and how was the name Xo, Gigi born?“ I have 3 children and at 38 my oldest made me a grandmother. I decided that if a young mother was going to be a G-ma I needed a cute name. Don’t you think? lol So, Gigi was the chosen name for me. Immediately, the sewing began and after too many request for “Gigi, will you make me another Tinkerbell blankie” I decided to label all my projects with hugs and kisses because that is how I have always signed off in my letters. Hence, Xo, Gigi. When you receive a package remember it’s always sealed with a big kiss.

We are operated by a team of girls.

Owner and creative genius: Carmen “Gigi” Wilson

Shop Handyman- builds the shelves, carries our heavy pkgs. and fiddles with all our request: Gigi’s fabulous hubby.

Shop Manager/Customer Service: Sweet Kristen

Professional Cutter/Packaging Queen: Jeaneane; Gigi’s oldest daughter.

I like to thank you for supporting a small shop. I believe in supporting the little stores in my small town vs. the big name brands that have lost that personal touch. We are here to be your sewing buddy and be your fabric coordinator. Let us assist you in any fabric or notions needs. If you don’t see it we will find it for you. It is not uncommon for us to search the fabric world for one print to make you a 100% satisfied customer. We aim to please YOU!


We believe in high quality fabrics, fast shipping, excellent customer service and building relationships with our customers!