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Chalk Cloth

Chalk Cloth

Chalk Cloth Size: 48x36 Chalk cloth can be used for many crafty projects. Placemats, tablecloths, art mats, or even as a chalk board on the wall. Chalk cloth is portable, lightweight, and erasable; you can sponge it clean with water to renew. It is important to cure your new chalk cloth before you use it for the first time. This is done by a laying a piece of chalk on itís side on the surface of the chalk cloth and rubbing it all over-side to side and top to bottom. Then repeat the process again. When you receive your chalk cloth you may need to allow the creases to be relaxed by lightly pressing with an iron on synthetic setting. Make sure you place a piece of fabric between the iron and the product first. Your chalk cloth is now ready to use!

To order a ½ yard, or include a ½ yard with your order, select ½ from Yard Cut. Once you have selected your full yard and ½ yard click Add to Cart.

Price: $12.75

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