Choosing a Ring Guard

As the name suggests, a ring guard is a device that is specifically designed to protect a ring. These units act as a buffer around the ring. In other instances, a ring guard also plays an aesthetic role as it enhances the solitaire ring design. If you also need something to keep your ring with a ring enhancer in place and reduce its tendency to spin, get a ring guard. There are many types of ring guard designs out there. So choosing the best ring guard requires that you do some due diligence. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for a ring guard.

ring guardMaterial

You must pay attention to the metal used to make the ring guard, as you might be tempted to mix some metal tones. Ideally, choosing similar metals or hues has the effect of ensuring the ring and the band compliments each other. On the other hand, combining metal in vogues will create a modern eclectic impression. Ideally, you should always ensure that the bands do not appear mismatched.   


The guard and ring’s design should always complement each other. In light of this, you should always pay attention to the center stone. The essence of making this consideration is to help you either commission or buy a ring guard to fit the solitaire ring. For those who might prefer a ring guard with some diamonds or gemstones, it is important to carefully consider the faceting on the stones and ensure that they do not clash.

ring guard


While there is a huge variety of ring designs, ring guards are largely classified into two main categories: wrap style and insert rings. If you want a guard holding the solitaire firmly in place, you need an insert ring style, which protects the solitaire from both sides. On the other hand, wraps allow for some movement, but they are particularly preferred for their aesthetic qualities. 


Always ensure that you get the correct finger size when choosing a ring guard. This is because ring guards are quite difficult to resize because of their complicated design. If you buy from an online shop, make sure that the sizing is okay to avoid unwanted surprises. If you are in doubt of the size, it makes perfect sense to consult widely. For instance, would you like a ring guard that is one size larger than your size? Always pay attention to your comfort.