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Various Ways to Treat Acne

Acne has become common over the years, and research shows that it affects at least 85% of different people at some point in their lives. The skin problem can be incredibly irritating and frustrating. While some medications are known to eliminate it, most people shy away from using them due to their side effects like skin irritation, itchiness, and dryness. Due to that those with acne seek alternative methods which are safe and have lesser adverse effects. Luckily, you can get your acne facial singapore done by professionals to help you deal with acne problems.

Below are some ways you can use to deal with acne:

Using Essential Oils

essential oilEssential oils are commonly used for numerous functions, including the treatment of acne. The best essential oils to use are ones that contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Some of the best oils include rose, lavender, cinnamon, and clove to eliminate the acnes’ harmful bacteria.
Studies have also endorsed rosemary, lemongrass, and additions of acetic acid, sweet basil, and orange as some of the fastest healing ingredients.

Using Aloe Vera as a Moisturizer

use aloe vera oil to moisturize skinAloe vera is a common ingredient in lotions, skincare products, and hair products too. It is a natural plant that produces a clear gel when opened up. Aloe vera has previously been used to treat inflammation, heal wounds faster, and fighting bacteria.

The value has been shown in treating specific conditions, and scientists now recommend it to treat acne. This is because it contains certain acids like lupeol, urea nitrogen, sulfur, phenols, salicylic, and cinnamon acid, which they believe are vital in fighting bacteria that cause acne.

Taking Zinc Supplements

Zinc minerals in the body are essential for healing wounds and inflammation. Studies show that people with zinc deficiency take more extended periods to heal wounds and inflammation and have a higher chance of getting pimples like acnes. Additionally, the research also shows that people with less zinc in their blood system had acne than those with a sufficient mineral supply.
Scientists advise you to take at least 30-45 mg of zinc supplement per day to reduce the acne on your face. However, they advise against going above the recommended maximum of 40mg per day as it has adverse like stomach pains and gut discomfort.

Treating Skin With Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree has components that enable it to fight bacteria and inflammation of the skin. It has also become dominant in skin treatment as it has fewer side effects than other forms of skin treatments like conventional medicine. However, tea tree oil is powerful and can cause redness and itchiness if not diluted with carrier oils.


The Connection Between CBD and Skin Health


CBD has taken the beauty and skincare industry by storm. From creams, cleansers to serum, there is an array CBD infused products popping up everywhere. The fact that CBD market value in the cosmetic industry has been on the rise is a testament to the fact CBD is undoubtedly good for the skin. If you are among the millions of users interested in joining the CBD bandwagon, here are some essential facts you should know.

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound in marijuana and hemp plants. CBD has been used in many ways, such as alleviating anxiety, pain, inflammation, and in managing some types of inflammation. While it is known to offer relief to several health conditions, it has also been proven to be beneficial to the skin.

As far as your skin is concerned, CBD’sCBD’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which beneficial to the skin. As such, CBD can help treat several skin conditions such as acne, inflammation, and unusual dryness. Its impact on reducing the production of sebum explains why CBD-based cosmetic products are recommended to people struggling with acne.   

How to Choose CBD Skincare Products

There is a huge of CBD-based cosmetic products in the market. As such, choosing the best products from this variety can be somewhat overwhelming. You should be very particular with the product that you use. For starters, you should limit your options to reputable brands.

CBD cosmetic products are not created equal. As such, here are some important factors to consider to ensure than the product your choose will actually be beneficial to your skin.

  • Type of CBD used: There are different types of cannabidiol. As such, it is important to make sure than the product you are getting is natural and safe.
  • Nature of other ingredients: CBD does not make up for any inferior ingredients. Therefore, you should examine the quality of the other ingredients in the product and ensure that they are all beneficial to your skin.
  • Price: Ensure you buy a product that is within your means. But this does not mean that you should compromise on quality.

While most CBD skincare products are meant for topical application, you should also consider exploring other options such as CBD honey sticks, which complement the benefits offered by CBD-based skincare products. For a fact, you can never go wrong with quality CBD products as far as improving your skin’s health is concerned.


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Benefits of Using the Best IPL Hair Removal Device

Removing unwanted or excess hair from the body has become the trend in the beauty and fashion industry. There are many different kinds of options to go about it such as shaving and waxing. However, these options are inferior to IPL hair removal, thanks to the many benefits these devices offer. Some of the benefits include:

Permanent resultssexy lady

When using IPL to get rid of unwanted hair, the results that you will get will be permanent. 4 to 6 weeks of treatment is all it takes, and you will not have to deal with the problem ever again, for the rest of your life.


Using IPL to remove hair is a comfortable and non-invasive procedure. You will not experience any form of skin irritation as with waxing and shaving. The treatments are relatively painless as well.


Depending on the size of area that hair is being removed, IPL will take a short time to get the job done. Sessions may take as little as 10 minutes. That means that you will be able to spend more time on other important activities, making it suitable for those with busy schedules. Moreover, no recovery time needed with IPL. You can get back your daily activities as soon as the treatment is over.

Cost effective

Getting IPL treatment might seem like too expensive than conventional hair removal options, but it is the most cost effective method. The reason is that the results you get are permanent. Spending on regular waxing or shaving will result in higher cumulative costs compared to IPL.

Side benefits

Using IPL treatment comes with many other advantages in addition to hair removal. The treatment improves the skin texture and skin tone. The skin will get better vitality as well. You can also use IPL to treat stretch marks as well as spider veins on the legs, allowing you to perfect on your beauty in finer details.


Skin specialists have the ability to aim the IPL equipment with great precision, targeting the affected hair and follicles only and preventing harm to the skin surrounding the area. This allows the intense pulsated light to be suitable for removing hair in even the most sensitive parts of the body.


The results expected are usually almost visible all the time. A high percentage of people get permanent results after 3 to 7 sessions. You can always be confident of what you will achieve.…