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Menswear fashion trends summer

Men’s fashion trends for this summer are all about modern shapes, traditional colors, and unique accessories. Here are some must have menswear fashion trends summer items to include in your wardrobe this season.

50s Shirts

Step out in textured 50s inspired shirts and oversize polos for a relaxed look. These shirts can be paired with tailored pants to get the 50s vibe. Select darker tones and powder hues and contrast the colors to get a refined look.

Pattern on Pattern

Explore patterns this summer. You can match patterns or select complementary prints. Choose solid colored accessories for patterned outfits. White, black, and navy accessories are ideal to allow those bold prints on the outfits to stand out.

Add Some Green

Green has been a popular color for a while now and it continues to get attention this season. Mix different shades of green in your outfit. Select contrasting pieces that can be paired and break the monotony with green bags or ties.

Distressed Jeans

Bleached, patched, and ripped denim is hot this summer. This is a great look for casual occasions and those who prefer to stand out. You can also go for the slashed jeans if you prefer a bolder look.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are no longer limited to stadiums. The summer brings along elegant baseball caps made from exotic skin, suede, and leather. They can be paired with jeans or suits.

Knee-Skimming Shorts

Show off those sporty legs in knee-skimming shorts. These shorts were quite popular back in the 70s and are making a comeback this summer. You can choose tailored slim shorts with or without a turn-up. Some of them are made of silk, which is a great choice if you are looking for a breathable fabric. Navy is the most popular color but you can also get patterned shorts.


This is an odd accessory for the hot weather but it is quite fashionable this season. Neckerchiefs can be folded or tied under lightweight jumpers for a more stylish look.



These accessories have been gaining popularity over the last few years and are no longer a preserve for high school and college students. Backpacks are now available in unique materials, sizes, and shapes to make them sleek. You can now carry a backpack to the office and still look formal.

This summer’s trends are taking you back in time. Pick items that work with your lifestyle from these menswear fashion trends summer items.