Reasons to Go for a Double Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid surgery is also called East Asian Blepharoplasty, which must be because of its popularity in East Asia. Most East Asians have monolids or the crease on the upper eyelid is absent. With a double eyelid Singapore surgery, an upper eyelid crease is created. Today, double eyelid surgery is the most common surgical procedure in South Korea and Taiwan. Accordingly, more than 1 million Chinese undergo this procedure annually.

Here are some of the reasons millions of people, especially women go for double eyelid surgery.

Eyelids Interfere With Vision

Too much skin or fat deposits on the upper eyelid can be some of the causes of monolid. This can interfere with the vertical peripheral vision of a person. If you have this condition, it should trigger you to go for a double eyelid surgery.

Although double eyelid surgery is considered as a cosmetic procedure, in this case, it is more of a medical one. Whether the procedure is sought to enhance physical appearance or to improve function, the procedure should always be performed by a certified plastic surgery and not a cosmetic technician.

Crease Is Not Present on Both Upper Lids

There are cases wherein the crease is not symmetrical on both upper lids. One eye can have a monolid while the other may have double lid. When you go to a plastic surgeon to repair your eyelids, you may have two options.  You can have your monolid be transformed to double lid or the double eyelid into a monolid. For sure, like the millions who undergo double eyelid surgeries, you will surely have an East Asian blepharoplasty.

Accordingly, double eyelid surgery in the US cost $3,163 on both eyelids. this excludes anesthesia and other related expenses. In your case, you may have to talk with your surgeon if you are going to pay only the exact half of the total cost.

To Enlarge Eyes

If you have ptosis and a monolid, chances are, your eyes will become even smaller. Getting a double eyelid surgery can enlarge your eyes. Probably, this must be the reason of many East Asians to have a double lid surgery.

Another reason also for women to go for East Asian Blepharoplasty is for them to be able to apply various makeup style. Double layer eyeshadow may not look good on women with monolids. Even eyeliners on the upper portion of the eyes just don’t go well. To be able to do makeup better, especially on the eyes, a double eyelid surgery may be needed.

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